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The official biography

The members of Final Exit and Final Exit as a band where known for their uncompromising lifestyle (straight edge) and their hard, fast music. They where around since 87, from the beginning of the Umeå Hardcore scene.

They released Teg, their first album in 94. 15 tracks of raw, brutal, hard, fast straight in your face hardcore classics. Their second and last album, entitled Umeå came in early 97 and it was backed up by the bands Final tour. The band had allready realized that there was no place in todays hardcore scene for a band like Final Exit. They where TOO real and didn't want to take part of todays fake scene...

The Final lineup:

D-Rp - bass 
Dave eXit - voice 
Anders And - guitar 
SXE Guile - battery 

Kid Stone - who was the original guitarplayer died brutaly murdered in Ålidhem. He was replaced by Anders And after the recording of the Teg album. 

Liner notes from the "Too late for apologies" EP 

Final Exit played their first show at Galaxen Umeå 20/10-94, and played their last show in Teg 14/3-97. In between we played 30 shows in Sweden only. The only thing we ever accomplished was that this girl we know thought that we looked stupid on our group photos. 

Words by Webmaster

Ok, you have just read the official biography but you shouldn't take it too seriously. First off, the Teg album was not released in 1994, it was out in 1995. I don't believe that the band where around since 87, more likely the early 90's. But why would they lie about that? Well, Final Exit have always been a secret band. They played with secret identities and when they were interviewed and asked if they were actually members of Refused they just answered that the boys in Refused would probably sell their mothers just to be a part of Final Exit!

In case you didn't know: Dave Exit is actually Refused drummer David Sandström and D-rp is no other than Dennis Lyxzén from Refused, The Lost Patrol, The (International) Noise Conspiracy etc. Kid Stone - you know the guy that was brutally murdered - is actually Kristofer Steen of Refused (and he is not dead at all!). SXE Guile is Pär Hansson from Refused and Abhinanda fame. As you can understand Final Exit was not a really serious band (and that was never their intention), but damn, they put out some really great music back then! 

In 2007 Final Exit did a reunion gig at the Umeå Open Festival. An album with all their recorded stuff was put out on Mofab Teg Recordings the same year. It was also released on vinyl by Monument Records in 2009. 

"Det egentliga västerbotten" press release

When Refused wanted to relax in the rehearsal room and for a moment take themselves a little less seriously, they switched instruments with each other and started to play oldschool hardcore. 

They called themselves Final Exit, used pseudonyms and immediately became the notorious and popular hardcore band in Umeå, Sweden. Sometimes they played naked and sometimes they even invited the kids to take the moshpit out to the street. One can say that if the members controlled their madness and rage in their regular bands they got out of control totally in Final Exit

While Refused was at the forefront with their new school, Final Exit took it back to the hardcore roots. The band managed to get something of a cult status during their short career. The band only existed four years long but it was an insanely entertaining history lesson! 

Now both the full-length albums "Teg" and "Umeå", together with compilation tracks and other stuff comes out as "Det egentliga Västerbotten - Complete discography 94-97". Coloured vinyl, gatefold cover, poster and even a live DVD included! 

Expect this release to be something extra, like a milestone in the history of hardcore. This is a monument representing the storm that swept in over Sweden, Scandinavia, the world, during the time era of the 90's!

Article written by Webmaster 
(Published on www.monumenthq.com)

Well, I have to admit that I was one of those people that didn’t know that this was actually a side project to the mighty Refused back then. It’s kind of funny because I was a diehard Refused fan (and still is) and didn’t see the connection at all. I remember picking up their album ”Teg”, it had the Desperate Fight Records logo on the back and to me that was all I needed to know. I had already picked up killer records with Abhinanda, Separation and Shield on the same label so I recognized the logo as a symbol of quality. I was alot into hardcore but I sure had never heard a band that played as fast as Final Exit. Goddamn, they were fast! Fucking right-in-your-face old school hardcore!

So how could it pass me by who they actually were? 1. This was long before myspace, youtube and facebook. 2. The members of Final Exit used nicknames 3. They didn’t show their faces on the record covers. 4. Final Exit didn't tour that much and I never had the chance to see them. 5. It was never their intention to be an all-star-band.

Final Exit were a shortlived project, but will always be remembered for bringing the sense of humour into hardcore. Their attitude was raw and uniqe and sure have influenced other Swedish bands like D.S.-13, Second Thought and Hårda Tider, to name a few.

Since both their albums sold out ages ago, Monument thought it would be a great idea to re-release them (together with all their other tracks) as ”Det egentliga Västerbotten - complete discography”. Make sure to pick up this piece of Swedish hardcore history if you haven’t already.

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