Interview with Stephanie Anderson
(# 276 in the fanclub)

Stephanie and Ludwig from T(I)NC.

Tell me something about yourself! 

My name is Stephanie, I am 18 and I live in Southern California in the US. I'm an artist, a student, and have a deep interest in radical politics. Most of my political
views is shown in the pieces of art that I do. 

How did you find this site? 

I did a search a while back on some Refused sites. I think that within one of those sites, I saw a link to this one. 

When did you discover Refused? 

I started listening to Refused about a year ago, because I had been a fan of the T(I)NC before, and wanted to see what Refused was all about. 

What was your reaction when you first heard them? 

They were awesome, unlike most punk bands I had heard before. I think what I found at first (and still do) to be most incredible about Refused to this day is their
energy, and the views they conveyed through the music. Dennis is a great lyricist. 

Which was the first Refused record you bought?

"The Shape of Punk to Come" oh, yes! 

Which is your favourite Refused record? 

Just one!?! I have 2 that are the best in my opinion. "Shape of Punk .." is "the best" in that the band put a lot into making that album, and it really gets the listener
thinking ... about what's going on in the world around them and so on. "The Ep Compilation" is "the best" in that it really shows the band's versitility, you hear
differen't songs being played at different speeds .. none of them sound really the same, plus there's a track sang in Svenska. Good stuff! 

Which is your favourite Refused song? 

There are too many to list ... I do like "Summerholidays Vs. Punk Routine" a lot .. the lyric, "Rather be forgotten, then remembered for giving in!" yes, yes very good. 

Have Refused or their politics inspired you in any way? 

Not so much Refused, but The (International) Noise Conspiracy has ... a lot. I was into them first, and began finding an interest in politics, such as Socialism,
Situationism, and some Anarchism. I think that when I heard Refused, they kind of helped me look into it even more, thus creating a stronger interest in the topic. 

Have you seen them perform live? 

Pssssh, no way! Refused broke up when I was 13, and I had no idea of who they were until I was 17 ... I do have this video, however, of 2 live performances from
them. Man, are they intense live! One of the shows was done after Refused "broke up" in 98 .. it was the last show on the tour, and Dave Sandström was using
Frodus drums. You couldn't hear Dennis sing at all because they were so loud. Man O man. 

Have you met anyone in the band? 

I have only met members from the T(I)NC. And one of them was Dennis. I met him several times in that one occasion, it was when they did a show here back in

How was it? 

It was pretty funny, I was talking to this guy before the show who had been a long time Refused fan, and asked me who the man standing in the distance with all
these people around him was. I responded "the one in the green jacket?" and he replied "yes"' and I told him, "That's Dennis". He responded very quickly was and was in
disbelief "No way!" he said. "Way!" I told him. He was in shock when he met Dennis, I think Dennis might have thought this guy was nuts or something. When I got
to talking to Dennis, we discussed this program I am in at school that is all about ending descrimination and predjudice, and celebrating diversity. We went on to talk
about our heritage, as we are both Scandinavian (only I'm Norwegian .. =D) It was an interesting conversation, mainly because it was just us talking about normal
everyday things, quite cool. 

What do you think about the Refused related projects? 

Let's see .... The T(I)NC is fucking rad! Lost Patrol is AMAZING .... and TEXT... is ... well .... interesting... if you like that sort of thing. 

Any favourite? 

The T(I)NC Most definately! 

How do you think Refused would sound today if they were still around? 

Still the same (musically) I'd assume. Perhaps lyrically, they'd have even MORE of a political edge, since that's what Dennis really wanted to aim for toward the end
of Refused. 

Interview by Webmaster.
Published on March 31, 2002. 

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