Recorded 7/94 at Sunlight Studios. Enginered by Fred Estby. Mixed and produced by Tomas Skogsberg and Fred Estby. Music and lyrics by Refused. Layout by José, Dennis & Adam at Hillebjörk AB. Photos by Lemmy, Onno, Emmely, Sammy, Vegard, Ole, Lurve, Adam, José, Micke B, Johan, Bertil. 

Refused is: Dennis, David, Kristoffer, Henrik, Magnus. 

To contact us write to: Dennis Lyxzén, gluntensv 8, 90737 Umeå, Sweden. Please include postage money, please. Merchandize and management by Startrec - get in touch for catalogue. 

The end: We would like to dedicate this record and our love and devotion to all the friends we hang out with everyday at home. You make it worth it - we love you - Special thanxs to Per and our stand in members Jesper and Anders. Our love goes also out to: Luger, Startrec, Desperate Fight Rec, Abhinanda, Fireside, Doughnuts, Ashram, Randy, Shredhead, Reach, Teddybears, Snapcase, Shelter, Gringos chiflados, Yonderboy, Massuhgag, Aim(bfh), Beyond hate, Solitude, Millencolin, Lash out, Final exit, Amulet, Onward, Reach out, Mary beats jane, Blindfold, Shortsight, Spawn, Feeding the fire/Backdraft, Ambition, everyone we met in Norway together with Abhinanda, all the people we hang out with and made friends with at the Adrenalin tour, Everyone we met at the Rotten fish festival in Belgium and finally the "Straight edge" - see you out there, ´till next time...bye... 

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