Burn it 

Another page in a history book. Another lie to justify the lands we took. Another page in a history book. Another lie to forget the lives we took. History repeats itself in another second. Exploitation for generations and we just don´t get it. Burn it - burn this lie down. Burn it - no more enslavement. Burn it - burn this history page. Burn it - just burn it. Human life is still worth less than possession of power, and we are the slaves of today under fascist co-operations. Structured to maintain the awareness and civilizations we made. The lands we plundered and the cultures we raped, we are all a part of progression. The victims of a capitalist system, just statistics in history books that glorify the mass murders and the genocides. What has changed and what have we accomplished in our strive for equality? Oppression rules and money controls in a world where war is still beneficial for those in power. In a sexist, racist, homophobic existence we still fight for freedom.


How come your symbols of freedom only restrict? How come your symbols of pride to me ain´t worth nothing? What better way to oppress us than to make us safe. To make us nod in approval to the limits we created. Our freedom our bill of rights just assureanced to make us abide. To make us serve their purposes and to serve our time. But I will destroy a system that's built on greed, I will destroy tradition that make us bleed, I will shut down the power of all who have lied to me, I will defy their image of what they wan´t me to be.

Sunflower princess 

The weight of my words is not enough to make up for the words I didn´t say. I´m sorry, I didn´t wan´t to close the door, just afraid to suffocate. Inside this these arms I find comfort, I will try not to break another mirror because that would mean that I would only break myself. This body, where has it taken me, forsaked me. Let me be. My eyes never felt this soar. If I only had known more, self centered, myself to blame. Death is fucking you insane. A selfish boy with fear and doubt afraid to let it inside. I promised myself that I won´t break it another time. No questions asked, just answers taken. My guilt, my thoughts, my mind were whose to judge? I think I need to breath, to let the door be open but the only one who is choking me is myself. Why can´t I see that you are the sun, the rain, the fuel I need inside. Why can´t I see? I´ll try. I won´t listen. I´ll cry. Sunflower princess.

I am not me 

I will choose my diet with care and like that wasn´t enough, I already wrote a good bye note to say farewell to you. Your TV-world, your fake ideals, your selfish ways, compromising truth. Nothing has to come to an end. I´m so glad I never followed you. Impossible to progress, burn your flag to possess the strength and knowledge that you repress. I choose my diet with comfort and like that wasn´t enough I wrote you a thank you note for what you tried to make of me. A prepackaged blueprint, a cut to fit product. Thank you for absolutely nothing. We are just blueprints - we are just products. Individuality lost to conformity - I am not me. we are just blueprints - we are just products. Individuality now means anonymity - we are not free.


This one will not change - turn down that fad again. Complacency - overcome, overdone. Everlasting - I´ve won. No second chance - it´s just begun. Stuck down in convenience, tradition chosen way. Who describes, who decides our idea of fun? I will not become what I despise, I found a reason, your truths are lies. Directed, attached. Reason will overcome the bounds of conformity. We are still waiting. Struggle to overcome generations of second hand liars. Struggle to overcome the past mistakes.

The real 

The real revolution starts within. Lock down and caged, our lives directed. We just can´t ignore the real reasons. We are just as much to blame an anyone else. Silent in apathy we won´t make a difference. How can we say that we are a part of the problem, that´s not true. Stereotype values and intoxication won´t bring about change. There´s a reason for the rejection, I feel it in my range. A protest to insuffíciency, a purpose to save and heal. A balance to recover the distorted picture. Words means nothing - action is what counts when I comes down to it - don´t count me out.

Pretty face 

I try to write every line with perfection. Scarred to constant remember the violence, the wound you put me trough. I never meant the pain to you. Weak one shall continue as weak one and when it hurts it won´t be the last time. Clouded thoughts makes it harder to fly. Your pornographic dream is a lie. This pretty face. Suppose I could oppose the role that you set for me. The object you tried to make of me. But this time I will just close my eyes. Bite my lips and and try not to cry. Point that gun at your own head, kill this male ego dead. Constantly fueled, constantly fed, watch this beautiful skin turn red. Your constant abuse, your constant comments, your constant date rapes and constant drive to destroy this pretty face.

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