Track 1,2 & 4 Recorded at Tonteknik Dec-95 by Pelle, Pelle and Eskil. Track 3 & 5 Recorded at Sunlight Feb-96 by Tomas Skogsberg. Track 6 Recorded at Dunkers May-95 by ourselves. Track 17-13 Recorded at Sunlight July-94 by Tomas Skogsberg and Fred Estby. Track 14 Recorded at David's basement June-94 by ourselves. Track 15,16 Recorded at Sunlight Oct-93 by Tomas Skogsberg and Fred Estby. Track 17,18 Recorded at Holmsund Aug-93 by Kent Remember. Track 19-24 Recorded at Hortlax HC studio Feb-93 by Pelle Gunne. 

All songs written by Refused except: # 3 by Dileva # 4 by The Prodigy # 5 by The Misfits # 14 by Born Against # 24 by Afro Jetz. 

Refused is: Dennis, David, Jon & Kristofer. Dennis & David are there on all the songs. Kristofer Steen appears on tracks # 1-13. Jon Brännström plays on tracks # 1-5. Tomas Di Leva sings on track # 3. Magnus Höggren hung out on tracks # 3 & 5. Magnus Björklund soldified tracks # 1,2 & 4, 6-13 & 15-24. Henrik Jansson was present on tracks # 17-24. 

Layout by Jon and Dennis. Photos by friends. 

Contact: Dennis Lyxzén, Kuratorvägen 30nb, 90736 Umeå, Sweden. E-mail: refused@cabal.se. http://www.cabal.se/startrec/refused. 

As stated on the cover of the enclosed booklet, the disc you are most likely to find on your right when opening this exquisite plastic trey contains historical musical evidence of punkrock band Refused. That is to say, songs published originally in the context of mini-cd's, cd-ep's and various compilations now released as one coherent work of art for purposes unknown to the author of this pretentiously overdone back cover text. There. 

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