- Cocaine in your cola
- Shakey heart
- Cockroaches
- Let the song begin
- Counting the ties
- Fröjden eder med bävan
- Rock in motion
- Kill your boyfriend
- You can't prepare your pianos for this, there's no grammar, there's just us
- TJ queen 
- The sixties

Release date: 2004-04-28 
"Timid and tepid, I'm a compulsive liar 
combustible like a tire, tempestuos and dire 
but rarely ever a bore 
if you peel me into the core 
you'll find that face of jester you so love to abhore 
I adore those little gestures 
with which you strive to deplore what I do 
you think you love me, shit, you ain't got a clue 
I'm not devoted to this like a junkie or a capitalist 
I could never be that excited, keep selling, I ain't buying 
You might find it out in the streets looking for stones to throw but if you forget to breathe you won't be able to blow anybody off their feet 
I repeat: while you hide it out in the street 
counting the days til your next defeat 
I'll be the cocaine in your cola 
the stereoids in your cow 
the dolphin in your tuna 
guess all the punks in the world can't save me now"

/ David Sandström. 

Yes, it's here. The new one. David Sandström (of Refused, Text, Final Exit, Faint Sounds of Shoveled Earth etc.) brings you his new CD "The dominant need" which will make you wanna swing you hips, move your feets and dance the night away. This masterpiece is brought to you by the new label Mofab as MOFAB 001. Produced by Björn and Inger Sandström for Mofab Teg. Recorded and mixed by Henrik Oja and David Sandström at Second Home 2003. Release date is 2004-04-28. So look out! 

/ Webmaster. 

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