Name: Dennis Lyxzén
Date of birth: 72.06.19
Instrument: Vocals [and all things] 

Revolutionary extraordinarie:
Dennis was the oldest and also the most outspoken on the political destruction of common values. He was notorious for his loud and bold ways, excellent dancing skills and finely tuned writing on political issues. 

INVSN (band) 
Faking Names (band)
Ny våg Records (label)

Old bands/projects: 
93 Million Miles From The Sun (band)
AC4 (band)
Afro Jetz (band)
Ampersand Records (label)
Desperate Fight Records (label)
Final Exit (band)
Garbage Pailkids (band)
Gringos Chiplados (band)
Instängd (band)
Invasionen (band) 
Step Forward (band)
Stepping Cretins (band)
The Black Mask Colletive (label) 
The Bloody Beetroots (band)
The (International) Noise Conspiracy (band) 
The Lost Patrol (band)
The Lost Patrol Band (band) 
Umeå Hardcore Records (label)
Yonderboy (band)


Servants of death (12"EP)
Freedom (CD/LP)
Refused are fucking dead (DVD)
The new noise theology EP (CDEP/12"EP)
The shape of punk to come (CD/LP/DVD-audio)
The demo compilation (CD)
The e.p. compilation (CD)
Rather be dead EP (CDEP/12"EP)
Songs to fan the flames of discontent (CD/LP/CS)
Refused loves Randy (CDEP)
Everlasting (MCD/MLP/CS)
This just might be... the truth (CD/LP/CS)
Pump the brakes (CDEP)
This is the new deal (MCD)

Step Forward
It did make a difference - complete discography (CD)

Garbage Pailkids
Discography 89-91 (CD)

Final Exit
Det egentliga Västerbotten (CD/LP+DVD)
Too late for apologies (7")
Umeå (CD/CS)
Teg (CD)

93 Million Miles From The sun
S/T (MCD) 
...and counting (7")

The Lost Patrol
Alright (CDEP)
Songs about running away (CD/LP)
Songs in the key of resistance (CD)
S/T (7")

The Lost Patrol Band
Automatic (CD/LP)
Automatic kids (7")
S/T (CD/LP) 

The (International) Noise Conspiracy
The cross of my calling (CD/LP)
Live EP (MCD)
A small demand (CDEP/7")
Armed love (CD/LP)
Black mask (CDEP/7") 
Live at Oslo Jazz Festival (CD/LP)
Your choice live series (CD/LP)
Bigger cages, longer chains (MCD/MLP)
Up for sale (CDEP/7")
A new morning, changing weather (CD/LP)
Capitalism stole my virginity (CDEP/7")
The reproduction of death (CDEP/7")
Smash it up! (CDEP/7") 
Survival sickness (CD/LP)
The first conspiracy (CD/LP)
The subversive sound of the conspiracy (7")
T.i.m.e.b.o.m.b (7")
Abolish work (7")
The conspiracy (7")
Split w/ Separation (7") 

Drag utan drog e.p. (7")
Konkret och brutal e.p. (7")
Mitt svar på ingenting e.p. (7")

Saker som jag sagt till natten (CD/LP)
Arvegods (12"EP)
Hela världen brinner (CD/LP)
Får aldrig tro (7")
S/T (7")

The beautiful stories...forever rejected (2xLP)
Forever rejected (12"EP)
The lost ones/Valentine's day (7")
The beautiful stories (CD/LP/CS)
Immer zu (7")
Split w/ Sister Mystery (7")
Hjärtat (7")
S/T (Swedish version) (CD/LP)
S/T (English version) (CD/LP/CS)

Burn the world (CD/LP)
UÅHC e.p. (7")
Split w/ Surprise Sex Attack (7")

The Bloody Beetroots
Church of noise (12"EP)

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