Refused is presently Dennis, David, Jon & Kristofer. On the first demo it was Dennis, David, Pär & Jonas. The second one featured Dennis, David, Pär, Magnus & Henrik. Both were recorded at Hortlax hardcore studios by Pelle Gunne and mastered from shitty tapes by Eskil at Tonteknik. 

Lay out by Jon and Dennis. Cut´n paste by Axel. All songs by Refused except # 8 by AC/DC # 19 by Mötley Crue and # 20 by Beastieboys. 

Thanx to everyone who was there. 

Contact: Dennis Lyxzén, Kuratorvägen 30nb, 90736 Umeå, Sweden. E-mail: refused@cabal.se. http://www.cabal.se/startrec/refused. 

Obligatory informative rant: I guess who was there, what we did and where it went are all sentiments for another occasion. Some other medium, further down the line. It's all very typical I'm afraid, "boys dead set on kicks thinking eachother great gathering on weekends screaming dancing staying up all night talking blasting knowing everything fearing nothing" kind of deal. And as far as alibis go I can't say I have one, I was there, I took part, I did my time in the youth crew institute of old-school hardcore naivete, although, I admit, listening back to these tapes I can hardly believe that's me playing. Then again, we really didn't give a shit about being musicians, it was all about the scene.

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