We had our times, we had our fun, we had a friendship that couldn't be undone. In those times we had a goal, working together with straight and positive souls. We were like one, yeah you and me, as close as friend could ever be. But times do change and so did you and there wasn't a thing that I could do. Watched it all fade away, I guess I'm happy it's gone this way. I could have struggled but what would have been the use? Now I'm back and I'm re-fused. I don't get it, I'll never see. Was your change natural or was it just in me? Cause when I see you, you walk right by without noticing me or saying hi. You're so cool. You've got your friends. I guess that's where our friendship ends. I've seen your bullshit, it makes me strong. To pick myself up and prove that you are wrong.

Another one

Lust and flickering - As the needle pierces trough. Flickering, twitching - as the drug gets to you. Screaming, kicking - as the pain emerges. Shattered and broken - such as deadly curse. In your hunt to find happiness and peace of mind. To get away from your mistakes no matter what it takes. Waiting, hoping - as I look down on you. Praying, crying - that you will make it through. Fading and dying - and don't know what to do. Hey man - I didn't even know you. Another one to die without a reason why. Why can't we ever learn? Soon it might be your turn. It's not easy just to quit - We all got to be a part of it. Something's gotta change fast - Or we will not last.

Enough is enough 

From my side it isn't fair all the stories circling around. All the same, too late now and you did it all just for fun. Can't take a joke or crack a smile when I'm talkin with you? I'm not that stupid or not that proud that fun can't be allowed. But when you lie and fuck things up just to prove that you are tough I find it hard just to brush it off, enough is enough. I can't see the fun from your point of view. That shit was concerning me too. Are you stupid and self content that you didn't think about what it meant? Spreading fucking rumours and bad mouthing me. You just couldn't let it be. I still try hard to brush it off. Enough is enough.

Fusible front 

A fashion a trend that's what it meant to you. The ideals the thought they never got to you. Search for acceptance, to fit the crowd. To think for yourself is not allowed. Take the easy way, to be accepted. I'll rather be myself and be rejected. I won't sell out to your stupid trends, true to myself until the end. Fashion manners, there not for me, as you are now I'll never be. Mainstream going, changing face, if I'm not like you am I outta place? I know my convictions and where I stand, I guess I got the upperhand. A phony, a sellout that's what you are, claim it's hardcore, no it's not by far. What's wrong with thinking for oneself instead of trying to fit in like everybody else?

Reach out 

Lonely again, I ain't got no friends - My emptiness begins when my work ends. Tomorrows Christmas. I'm gonna spend it with who? Myself. Or is it any use? The rain falls down outside - as tears falls from my eyes. Another day gone by - and I didn't ever try. Try to make contact, but I don't know how. It seems so natural in my mind. I am scared that they won't accept me. I hide inside myself and I just let it be. The way I act, I'm so insecure. I hate myself and I'm not sure why to hang on and with who. If I only could find a reason to pull trough. Reach out - and grab ahold. Reach out - and I won't let go. Reach out - from my emptiness. Reach out - no more loneliness.


Everyone's got their stories, everyone's got their view. Distorted visions of what they call truth. Everyone's got their stories, why don't you tell me one. You've talked for two hours now and you've just begun. Why don't you tell me a story that I wanna hear? Everyone's got their stories, everyone's got their views. C'mon let me hear it, let me hear the latest news. Everyone's got their stories and it's never the same. Cause it's always getting better, never getting lame. Listen man, what I've just heard, I exaggerated and now it's twice as cool. I contribute my part of the story. Of course it happened, I ain't no fool. But as the truth corrodes and slowly dies you are building yourself a world of lies. And all that is left is just empty fudge and all that is left is just empty fudge.


Blind leading blind. Of course they will not find any reason why to give it a try. I can't be the only one who has learned to see. Or am I the stupid one alone and naive? And therefore I try… To be myself with honesty - To live my life poisonfree. To be the best that I can be - To keep an open mind so that I can see. Running towards the edge, of course you will fall. That's the way it goes when you don't look at all. I know I'm not stupid or at least I don't think so, I always try to look ahead on the path I walk. With my open eyes I see a difference between illusion and reality. We seen the total stupidity in mankind and sometimes I wish that I was blind.

The new deal 

Nazi propaganda, another lie. You don't get it, never did, never will. Try to deny events of history, so blinded by your white pride that you don't see. Excuses, excuses to cover up the facts. You're blindfolded. To scared to look back. The fake empire is on the rise, but most people don't care and they don't open up their eyes. If you make up a lie and sell it big enough some people will buy cause they are stupid enough. We gotta stop this hate. We gotta end this trend. The silent majority, too scared to see that fear and aggravation only brings violent ways. Cause when foreign hostility is at it's peak people seem to go for the easy answers. In this time and age it is easy to create a "new" wave or movement that inspires hate. A trend of dividing, just right in time, when immigration, overpopulation is on everyones mind.

I Wish 

I wish that I, I wish that I, I wish that I could pick myself up. Trapped, imprisoned, I know no other way to be. No matter how hard I try I'm never gonna be really free. Surrounded by lies, try to hold my integrity, searching for a higher goal, trying to find the real me. I wish that I - could change my values and ignore the hate inside. I wish that I - could put the pieces back and make another try. Being dragged down in this ocean of fools, their golden horse god, obey their master, money rules. Try to reach the surface but my emotions drag me down, I cant control myself, my rage makes me drown. I try, I try, I try to look beyond the whole, its time to realize there's gotta be something more. In acts of selfishness we tend to ignore what we really are living for.

Where is equality? 

Look at these differences we've created, marked, branded thaught to be hated. Biological differences cant imply hate but mindlessness and indoctrination can. Values maintained and held through time force fed upon our weak minds. Yesterdays segregation is still a truth, equal values, no way. You say things are different - no, Its still the same. You say things are different - some things don't ever change. Some say we have an equal society. No, no its not the way that I see. When people are oppressed for their sexuality and AIDS is still a gay disease. When woman don't have the right to choose cause it's against church morality. Then how can we say, how can we claim that we have equality?

Who died? 

Simple solution, rejected for a change of views. I'm just evolving, I'm not better than you. I've changed - you said - I said - it's sad. You don't accept, the things that I believe. It will bleed, cause I still feel. I've changed - you said - I said - it's sad. Too bad you didn´t see the other side of me. Losing you it really hurt me. I'm not superior, I'm just a human being, so losing you it really hurt me. Cause you didn't take the time to see...


How does it feel to burn? Drowning in self pity, convulsing in self hate. All your life's revolving around your fate. Lost and confused. Who to believe? Commercial gods shows us the way to be. You've got it all but what do you really gain? Just mindless consumption to numb your brain. You've got it all but what have you really got? Just obsessive thoughts that will make your brain rot. Time, time, time passes by as you live your life in those foolish lies. Try to find happiness in eating, watching, buying. While time is ticking and flying. I said time passes by while as in quicksand you keep sinking down. In your search for joy you can no longer hide cause happiness is just happiness when you are happy inside. How does it feel to burn? A materialistic world, a world based on greed. Were personal pleasure are decided by others need. Feed from the start the ideal life to get. You're trying so hard but you ain't found nothing yet. We all need a fluid to keep us warm inside but we don't need those things to hide behind. Happiness is an emotion, it's not an object. But you're too insecure to face the fact. How does it fell to…

Racial liberation 

It's time to see, to dare and face the facts. It's been going on so long that we can't turn our backs. No more, we need to set things straight. We can't longer have a foundation built on hate. On lies of the white mans superiority. Whit these kind of ideals we can never achieve equality. Racial tension increasing more and more. We gotta solve these problems from the core. And I see ignorance, anxiety and fear that is breeding this hate. We gotta learn and educate to get these problems solved. Racial liberation should be our goal. Society still maintaining the tradition by using violence and corruption when people are trying to listen to words that change and make a difference. They scare them, oppress them until they change opinion. By using colors they can still maintain conservative ways and actions that is causing so much pain. No, no more, you can't divide a nation. It's time to rise to the racial liberation. To only see things in black and white do you think that it's right?

Hate breeds hate 

Foundation of a nation built on fucking lies. Another welfare state tumbles and dies. System of oppression in the land of the free. Your equality and freedom means nothing to me. The rich pulls the strings of the politicians. To the voice of the people noone is really listening. I thought it was called democracy. I don´t think you know what the word means. Hate breeds Hate. People going crazy hunting their goals. Struggling to the top without any control. I see the green illusion developing greed, overcoming common sense and what we really need. Diseases spreading all across the land. Crack kills so does guns in their hands. American interference in another war. Do the public know what the fuck for?

The Marlboro man is dead 

A rolemodel so daring and bold. You were suckers for believeing it cause the problem is... the Marlboro man is dead. He died of lungcancer, what an example, what a travesty, commercially. Forced to habit in search for acceptance, making truth about lies that is sucking you dry. You were suckers for believeing it... What about me, the air I breathe? What fuckin effect will it have on me? Unclean, uncool, unhealthy and unpure. At least show me some respect and I'll show you some back.

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