David Sandström "Om det inte händer nåt innan imorgon så kommer jag" CD.

I'd been reading this swedish author Sara Lidman and in one of her books there is a passage where a wooden balk is trying to persuade a crofter to go get a rope and hang himself to prove that he has dignity and the farmer retorts: "Yes, tomorrow, I will come if nothing happens before tomorrow". Reading that really shook me up. My granddad (on my moms side) hung himself in 1968, upon realizing, after having been in debt for years, that he wasn't gonna be able to continue being a farmer. The swedish government stole all the natural resources from the north, from it's own people, they ruined families and stole their land, the trees and the ore and funded the industrialisation of the south with the immense profits. Smallholding was more or less extinguished in a few decades and my grandad fell victim to this development. He caught tuberculosis right when he started managing his own farm and never made up for it. It's a long story but I reduced it to 64 minutes. Musically it's a pretty wide spectrum but with a strong focus on telling the story, capturing the time and the culture. Anyway, my mom thinks I've succeeded and she should know, she lived through that shit, you know. I started writing it inbetween recording and mixing of 'The shape of punk to come'. It's been three and a half years. It's out at the end of May. Make sure you get yourself a copy. Get one for your grandparents too. There's probably still a thing or two they can tell you about this world. 

/ David Sandström.

O U T   N O W ! ! !

Cat. no: BOX 03
[Release date: 01-05-17]
01 Apropå det här med att finnas till
02 Stämning
03 1968
04 Degernäs
05 När hjärtat svider [Mp3 9,5 MB]
06 Oväsen
07 Det du vill mest
08 Kurragömma

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