Name: David Sandström
Date of birth: 75.01.02
Instrument: Drums [and guitar / melodica]

The man the myth:
David was the arrogant and self-proclaimed leader of the poetic commune, often seen sporting a great beard, talking about himself as the genetic replica of Charles Mingus. A great composer and a most ferocious drummer. 

A Heavy Feather (band)
David Sandström Overdrive (band)

Old bands/projects:
AC4 (band) 
Brainsquashed Puppies (band)
David Sandström (band)
Demonbox Recordings (label)
Faint Sounds Of Shoveled Earth (band)
Final Exit (band) 
Gringos Chiplados (band)
Mofab Teg Recordings (label)
Moon Trotskij (band)
Pain (band)
Text (band)
The Facer (band)
Volyo (band)
Yonderboy (band)
Zillion digits (band)


Servants of death (12"EP)
Freedom (CD/LP)
Refused are fucking dead (DVD)
The new noise theology EP (CDEP/12"EP)
The shape of punk to come (CD/LP/DVD-audio)
The demo compilation (CD)
The e.p. compilation (CD)
Rather be dead EP (CDEP/12"EP)
Songs to fan the flames of discontent (CD/LP/CS)
Refused loves Randy (CDEP)
Everlasting (MCD/MLP/CS)
This just might be... the truth (CD/LP/CS)
Pump the brakes (CDEP)
This is the new deal (MCD)

Final Exit
Det egentliga Västerbotten (CD/LP+DVD)
Too late for apologies (7")
Umeå (CD/CS)
Teg (CD)

Faint Sounds of Shoveled Earth
S/T (CD)

Sound is compressed (CDEP)
S/T (CD)

The Facer
La la la (can't help it) (CDEP)
Final exit (dissociate/expose yourself) (CD)
One track mind (CDEP) 

David Sandström
Tillflykt (DVD)
The dominant need of the needy soul is to be needed (CD)
Om det inte händer nåt innan imorgon så kommer jag (CD)

David Sandström Overdrive
Pigs lose (CD)
Go down! (CD)

Moon Trotskij
I fell but andromeda rose to the stars (CD)

UÅHC e.p. (7")
Split w/ Surprise Sex Attack (7")
S/T (CD/LP) 

A Heavy Feather
You're the lotion on darkness knuckles as it punches light in the face (CD)

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