Nothing new again 

Guess we are not working today. Just give me one line. One line to get me going. One line to get me exploding. Hold on here. It is again what we are good for. This is what it is all about. Hit me. This is not. This is the big payback. A world of pleasure to win and only our boredom to lose.
From the compilation "Can't stop this train"


You gotta be kidding me. How did you end up being so fucking reactionary? And right now what I need is more songs about being stabbed in the back about conservative kids with no agenda or integrity. You gotta be fucking kidding me. And I never thought that I'd sing another song about "growing up" or selling out. There is something so fucking ironic. About undermining every meaning and leaving me naked. And somewhere along the way this became a one man crusade, and that was the end of it. Fuck you for pissing on me. Fuck you for selling "our" ideas so cheap.
From the compilation "Still screaming"


In for the kill, we'll make the final call. Serve you happy, serve you happy, glad that we are in control. All watered down, our rescue, leaves you naked. Cure the symptoms, then slam the nails down. Cheap excuses, cheap promises, cheap lifes. Sold you cheap. You can't depend, we sold you long ago, provide the cure, provide the laws, first make you sick. We'll redefine, all changes gone by call. All spoken, all broken, doesn't mean anything at all. Take some more- and you'll settle for less Take some more- and you'll settle for nothing Cheap excuses, cheap promises, cheap lifes. Sold you cheap. We'll pay the cost for all the living that is lost. Arrgghh...
From the compilation "Straight edge as fuck vol.2"
Also on "The e.p compilation" (1997)

The new deal 

Nazi propaganda, another lie. You don't get it, never did, never will. Try to deny events of history, so blinded by your white pride that you don't see. Excuses, excuses to cover up the facts. You're blindfolded. To scared to look back. The fake empire is on the rise, but most people don't care and they don't open up their eyes. If you make up a lie and sell it big enough some people will buy cause they are stupid enough. We gotta stop this hate. We gotta end this trend. The silent majority, too scared to see that fear and aggravation only brings violent ways. Cause when foreign hostility is at it's peak people seem to go for the easy answers. In this time and age it is easy to create a "new" wave or movement that inspires hate. A trend of dividing, just right in time, when immigration, overpopulation is on everyones mind.
From the compilation "Northcore: the polar scene compilation" 
Also on "The e.p compilation" (1997) 


We are not in need. We are just too confortable to care...to change. How kan we say not gulity. How can we plead that we're not responsible, that we're just satisfying our need. But who does it really satisfy? A fucking industri that promotes murder, destruction and brutality. We lost our compassion, lost our consciousness. How can murder be justified and extinction legal. In the name of progress and profit we've chosen our fate. Cause as long as we continue to support this killing technology we'll only have ourselves to blame when the worlds coming to an end.
From the compilation "Northcore: the polar scene compilation" 
Also on "The e.p compilation" (1997)

The Marlboro man is dead

A rolemodel so daring and bold. You were suckers for believeing it cause the problem is... the Marlboro man is dead. He died of lungcancer, what an example, what a travesty, commercially. Forced to habit in search for acceptance, making truth about lies that is sucking you dry. You were suckers for believeing it... What about me, the air I breathe? What fuckin effect will it have on me? Unclean, uncool, unhealthy and unpure. At least show me some respect and I'll show you some back.
From an anti-smoking compilation that was never released
Now on "The demo compilation" (1997)

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