Members of Refused: Magnus Björklund. 

After the split-up of one of the most influential modern hardcore bands of all time, Refused, bass player Magnus decided to create a radically different sound in his new band Cobolt (a name made up from the element cobalt). Ampersand Records in Sweden would release their first two long plays, "Eleven Storey Soul Departure" (1997) and "Spirit on parole" (1998), which were acclaimed by the whole indie press for their new approach to the slowcore genre set up by bands like Seam or Codeine. The word was spread out and BCore fell in love with the band and the songs, offering them the chance to record a mini CD exclusively for the label. That was "A few hours captured" (2000), which had such a success in Spain that made it run out of print in a short time, with no reissues. After a long period of touring, they interrupted their relationship with Ampersand and created their own label, Cobolt Music, which would let BCore license their new album, "Passoa" (2002), with exclusive artwork by designer Pau Santesmasses (also Aina's drummer). A long album is expected to be recorded by the band, so we keep on waiting for more delicious, slow and moving songs...

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