Members of Refused: Magnus Höggren. 

Luleå, North Sweden 1993: The local punkband SUPERDONG split up. A lot of people couldn´t care less. Now we know better. One half of Superdong quickly forms FIRESIDE, and the other half becomes BREACH.

Luleå turns out to be a perfect place to develop the ultra-raw but still melodic hardcore/deathrock that has become the signum of Breach, and frankly they got absolutely nothing else to do then put all energy in to the band (not counting suicide or ice-hockey as serious options). Breach appear on a few compilation albums and put out their first MCD "Outlines" on Burning Heart Records.

During the spring of 1995 the full length debut "Friction" is recorded at Sunlight Studios in Stockholm, Sweden. Fred Estby of Dismember is engineering and producing together with Breach. Sunlight turns Breach debut album into pure dynamite. When it is released in August 1995 it is definitely one of the heaviest albums released that year.

In January and February 1997 their 2nd full length album is recorded. It is titled "It´s Me God" and gets released on Burning Heart Records late April. It´s Me God is recorded, mixed and produced by Pelle Gunnerfeldt. The music takes a small step away from metal and follows the direction started on the EP "Old Songs & New Beats" (1996, Burning Heart Records), with a more laborious sound with a stronger Unsane/Neuroses kind of perspective on their musical existence. It ends up somewhere in the land of The Jesu Lizard, Unsane, Entombed, Neurosist and Shellac.

In May 1999, the third album Venom" was released. This time, even more minimalistic and brutal than before. Songs like "Helldrivers", "Murder", "Hell Is My Witness" and "Diablo" are perfect rock'n'roll songs in the twisted world where BREACH without doubt is in control. "Venom" is like a spring-depression seen through dark thunder clouds. KERRANG! gave "Venom" 4/5 (KKKK), and wrote "Venom" is an album that lures the listener into the darkest rooms of the mind and then buggers off with the torch".

And that's a statement that not only could stand for "Venom", but as a whole for BREACH as a band.

December third 2001 saw the release for BREACH finest moment uptil date, "Kollapse". "Kollapse" is a perfect mix of walloping noise, scary and solemn introvert mayhem that could be the soundtrack to your favorite horror-movie, or the voices in the head for any modern western citizens angst & fear. 

Soon after the release of "Kollapse", BREACH announced the split-up of the band. 

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