Once again, REFUSED pioneers the hardcore sound of today in a shocking, surprisong but most of all impressing way. "The Shape Of Punk To Come" album is an innovaitve twelve track bombination of intellectual revolutionary punk where the band stand up as vanguard of new open-minded noise. WIth full speed ahead towards the 21:st century, we are given a provoking and progressive adventurous dose of chimerical hardcore that refuses to be stale. And hardcore will never ever be the same again. This is the sound, this is the pulse. This is the beat of a new generation!

Date Formed: The group claims that they got together in 1992 but recently uncovered evidence shows that they, in various shapes and sizes, might actually have been around since the 14th century. It is rumoured that the currently active members are heirs to greats like Simone De Beauvoir, William Blake, Arnold Schoenberg, Herbert Huncke, August Strindberg, Enrico Malatesta, Ivan Agueli, Majakovsky, Peter Kropotkin, Tomas Paine, Phil Ochs and Nat Turner. 

Members: The spokesmen of Refused are as follows: Dennis Lyxzèn, David Sandström, Kristofer Steen and Jon F. Brännström, but there might be as many as thousands involved in the group. Destined to eternally remain the vanguards of new noise they have not taken the task lightly. Dennis is the oldest and also the most outspoken on the political destruction of common values. He is notorious for his loud and bold ways, excellent dancing skills and finely tuned writing on political issues. David is the arrogant and selfproclaimed leader of the poetic commune, often seen sporting a great beard, talking about himself as the genetic replica of Charles Mingus. A great composer and a most ferocious drummer. Kris is the prophet of sound. What he hears he paints with and when he sees he hears, eyes are just an aid to hearing if you look at it that way. Jon is the young yet nostalgic romantic and with a crooked smile and a hat he is known to mankind as the unrelentless avenger of social status in dance music, his prominent beatmaking skills granting Refused access to previously unbreachable dimensions. 

Background: The myth has it that Refused was formed out of the cultural vacuum provided by a society with no sense of art or humane politics. The group is very much reactionary but in such a way that it actually does challenge the conservative conventions of modern culture.

The group set it´s course towards annihilation of the common with it´s 93 debut album "This is the new deal" on capitalist runners up Burning Heart Records and then transferred their assets to the benefit of Startrec (the label behind fine conservative non-challenging rock acts such as Fireside and Loosegoats), publishing a not insignificant amount of recorded material before realizing the the labels limitations and having once again to take in consideration the communication and boundaries within the sphere of market economy. After giving it some serious thought they decided there was no real alternative and they had to take the chance to expose their radical ideas upon a new and unexpecting crowd by returning to opportunist punk label Burning Heart. As mobile as a group can get, Refused have spent more than 400 days on the road and they are planning to double that amount in the following years, hoping to cover three fourths of the known universe by the year 2000. As you read this, they are about to embark upon a trail of destruction and creativity that will undoubtedly lead them further on their path towards world domination and unitary urbanism.

The band is no longer together. 
They split up in the fall of 98.

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