Members of Refused: Dennis Lyxzén & David Sandström. 

Karl and Jens met in 1975 when they lived in the same building in Umeå. Karl started his first punk band The Boredom Brothers in a squat in 1982. Jens moved to Vännäs and met Dennis and they started their first punk band Afro Jetz in 1987. That band became Step Forward. Jens joined Karl's band in 1990 when they and Dennis were squatting an old cinema. That became The Vectors. Dennis, Jens and Karl also played gigs at that cinema in a one-off band called Stepping Cretins.

David had a metal band called Pain. Karl lived next door to David, then Jens and Karl started a punk club called Raw Power where they also stayed. Dennis took over Karl's bedsitter and started hanging out with David. Step Forward split up at Raw Power in 1991. Dennis and David started their band Refused in 1992. Christoffer started hardcore band D.S.-13 in 1996. Jens joined David's and Dennis' other band Final Exit for a tour in 1997. Refused split up in 1998.

David produced records by both The Vectors and D.S.-13. Christoffer ran a label called Busted Heads. He released Dennis' new band The (International) Noise Conspiracy's first EP in 1998. Then Christoffer joined Jens' other band E.T.A., but they split up in 2002. Busted Heads released The Vectors' second LP and Jens' other band Regulations' first EP in 2003. Dennis and David also played on each other's solo records.

Dennis started his label Ny Våg to release Regulations' debut album in 2005. He also produced that record. Dennis, Jens and David reunited Final Exit for a gig in 2007. Jens and David performed together in Volio.

Karl, Jens, David and Dennis started AC4 in April 2008 and did their first gig in yet another squat on May 5. Ny Våg released their first album in September 2009. That line-up toured Europe and Australia, but did their last gig with David in Melbourne in April 2011.

Dennis and David reunited Refused for a world tour in 2012. Christoffer joined AC4 in April and D.S.-13 reunited to play at Dennis' birthday party in June the same year.

AC4's new album will be out on Ny Våg in March 2013. It features Dennis on vocals, Karl on guitar, Christoffer on bass and Jens on drums. Guest backing vocals by (you guessed it) David.

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