UÅHC e.p.

1. I'll survive 
2. No more warnings 
3. Dead inside
4. Useless alibi 
5. Poison in my veins 
6. Enough is enough

Format: 7" e.p.
Label: P.Trash Records. 

out now! 

This ain't no bluff package, Punk. It says ''Umea Hardcore'' on the cover and what you see is what you get. Fresh out of the high-quality Hardcore manifacture of the city of Umea, the place that brought you classic bands like REFUSED or the REGULATIONS, comes the direct-to-use new act AC4 with grand seniore Dennis on the mic and other REFUSED and VECTORS & REGULATIONS honchos with a formula that never goes out of style.
No artificial colourings or additives, just the best and most natural ingredients were used for this six new songs that do not take too much preparation time, either. Just slip it carefully out of the classy old-school wrapping (genuine design since the early '80s), apply gently on your playing device and let it roll. Keep an eye and both ears on the fast and crunchy ''I'll survive'', ''No more warnings'' and ''Dead inside'', let the Greg Ginnish guitars and the spicy MINOR THREAT flavour slowly dissolve before flipping over for a couple more crispy minutes of ''Useless alibi'', ''Poison in my veins'' and ''Enough is enough''.
By then, you should already have that tasty smell of the old days filling every inch of your stinky place. Best enjoyed with friends to pogo and sing along. Yummy stuff! - P.Trash Records

#1.  #2.  #3.
#1. Regular cover. 840 copies pressed. 
#2. Limited cover. 100 copies pressed. P.trash Club members edition.
#3. Limited cover. 60 copies pressed. Release party edition. 


Dennis Lyxzén | David Sandström | Karl Backman | Jens Nordén 


UÅHC e.p. 7" | Split 7" | AC4 12"/CD


www.myspace.com/ac4hc | www.ptrashrecords.com

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