Members of Refused: Dennis Lyxzén & Jon Brännström.

About a year before the creative mass psychosis of the Northern Swedish punk reached it's final destination with the break-up of Umeå Hardcore legends, Refused, vocalist Dennis Lyxzén and guitarist Jon F Brännström hooked up with the musical engine behind mod-punk eccentries Saidiwas, Anders Johansson along and Jonas Eriksson [one of many bassists of Refused]. Their mission was to form a different kind of collective, unique in it's nature, that vows to never perform the same song twice.
- Simba Recordings.

93 million miles from the sun is an adealogical collective seeking to destroy all forms of traditional art. Destruction of the traditional bourgeoisie ways of culture. New goals for a new breed and a new style to go with the program. Watch out out for the collective as we will bring you further steps in our program to destroy all that you know.
- The collective.

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