About a year before the creative mass psychosis of the Northern Swedish punk reached it's final destination with the break-up of Umeå Hardcore legends, Refused, vocalist Dennis Lyxzén and guitarist Jon F Brännström hooked up with the musical engine behind mod-punk eccentries Saidiwas, Anders Johansson along and Jonas Eriksson [one of many bassists of Refused]. Their mission was to form a different kind of collective, unique in it's nature, that vows to never perform the same song twice.
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93 MILLION MILES - "s/t" CDEP. Street date: Sept. 2, 2003. Simba Recordings.

- One day... 
- Trademarks 
- We could be 
- This party sucks 
- Campsite closed

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With Dennis going on to form world-renowned act - The (International) Noise Conspiracy this release clearly shows the stepping stones from Refused to T(I)NC. This CDEP is a vital part of Refused's eclectic history and is long-overdue in coming out. This reissue of the 7" along with the bonus tracks from the compilation cd has all new artwork with photos by final Refused bassist Ulf Nyberg. The Refused family... as incestuous as can be, but my oh my, they produced, and continue to create, some wonderful music...

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Song 1-3 is taken from the "...And counting" 7" on Simba Recordings while song 4-5 is taken from the "Love is a dog from hell" CD-compilation on Simba Recordings as well. These songs are all remasterad, collected and beautifully packaged with nice artwork. If you already have the orginal versions of these songs you should buy it anyway because it sounds so much better now! 

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